The County Sheriff Said…That The Blood Brothers Have Reformed

by | May 16, 2014

Several years ago we sat down with former The Blood Brothers co-vocalist Jordan Blilie in the streets of downtown LA. In a dark alley we talked about the life and death of The Blood Brothers and what it was like working with producer Ross Robinson. At the time he was touring with Past Lives (a BB offshoot) and wasn’t sure if The Blood Brothers would ever get together again. Don’t you miss those guys?

Are you wearing your Depends? The Blood Brothers have officially reformed. The band have been announced to play this year’s FYF Fest in Los Angeles on August 23 & 24th.

So far we’re not sure what else is in store. Will there be more shows? It would be perfect timing for them to do a series of shows playing their legendary album …Burn, Piano Island, Burn in its entirety, since it’s been a decade since the record’s release.

We’ll let you know when we hear more. Here’s a stream of the album in full.