The Number Twelve Looks Like You Statement Regarding Breakup

by | Dec 14, 2009

The Number Twelve Looks Like You’s Alexis Pareja has a released a statement in regards to the band’s disbandment. Pareja comments:

“When I first started picking up my guitar and playing my favorite songs I always aspired to be able to experience what these talented artists/musicians were feeling. They get up on stage night after night to deliver a show and connect on this level that is metaphysical with their fans. Perhaps fans look up to those artists because they are this kind of gateway to a greater Utopian sense of being that transcends whatever dismal reality we live in. Of course, there are musicians who do this for the wrong reasons and I have had the displeasure of encountering many of these types but they always end up chewed up and spit out by the same people that brought them there. What we forget is that this tightly knit community of genuine original music universally travels and destroys all barriers to bring even the 2 most opposing characters together. It also stands the test of time. 

I’m glad to say I had quite a journey with this band (my first and only band). To write music only for myself and have others enjoy was the greatest thing I could ever happen to me. I saw many faces that genuinely appreciated what we were doing and that was what always kept us going. We may have never reached the pinnacle of what we could have been yet we fought hard and brought challenging ideas to those who chose to listen closely. There comes a moment where one takes a step back and reevaluates what has been built. The Number Twelve Looks Like You brought together a ruthless, diehard, demanding fan base that always made it fun to never know what to expect at every show. I can guarantee that every show we ever played was priceless to us even when there were only 5 kids. Those 5 kids in the middle of shitstown will always remember the bedlam that was our band. 

Due to many ongoing issues and the slow deteriorating of the band throughout the years, #12 has decided to let this little monster go to sleep. It is best to leave this band with high standards it set for itself than to water down anything good that we had. I’m equally sorrowful it had to end in such a manner however this will hopefully give rise to a new chapter of music and creativity from the members. I will continue to pursue my ongoing visions of music, Jon will be drumming till his heart stops the beat, Chris is going to design a computer system that will brew a delicious IPA, and Jase is going to be the head of Warner soon. 

All this is just my meek thoughts and opinions. I want to give thanks to all the fans that gave me the opportunity to take my guitar playing to the next level and to travel the world with such a fine group of gentlemen. It was 9 years of hard work and we saw lots of bands come and go while trudging along with minimal requirements. We shared the stages with many amazing people and I have innumerable memories that have made an impact on me.

The band was never rich/famous and that was not the goal. We desired to play music we genuinely enjoyed creating while being able to support our own accumulating responsibilities. Unfortunately these personal commitments have overpowered anything we can achieve which is typical of the way this society is structured. It is virtually impossible for the arts and music to thrive in a society that does not support it. You either get duped into playing along or fight the uphill battle to something better.

Please continue to demand quality from the saturated industry of monkeys that keep on pumping out formulaic rubbish. Hopefully one day it will rid itself of such leeches that feed off your pockets and insult your taste. All this is addressed to those who are continually seeking a culture that is evolved in thought and expressiveness. We may have not spearheaded any movement but we tried all throughout to do something different and personally we feel we achieved that.

Farewell to all.”