Touche Amore Say They’ll Never Play Warped Tour; “No way, not at all”

by | Aug 15, 2013

Touche Amore aren’t big fans of Warped Tour; when asked if they would ever play the summer festival the band responded with “No way, not at all.”

Frontman Jeremy Bolm recently sat down with OC Weekly to discuss the festival. He continued, “Nothing against our friends who have done it. Last year, Title Fight; this year, Defeater is doing it, which is fine. I appreciate that there are honest bands that are on it.”

He added, “There are kids who have no idea about this world, who if they see a band like Title Fight or a band like Defeater that maybe it will open their eyes a little bit to our world as opposed to a world with misogyny and ignorance and nothing to offer any-body which is what 95 percent of what Warped Tour is.”

Touche Amore will be going on tour this fall with AFI, supporting their new album Is Survived By, out September 24th through Deathwish.