UNLOCKING THE TRUTH Inked a $1.8 MILLION Deal with Sony

by | Jul 14, 2014

You know that tween metal band that went viral last year? Actually they’re 13 now, and the young gentlemen of Unlocking The Truth inked their first record deal — for $1.8 million bucks. Makes a nice headline doesn’t it?

The seven figure deal with Sony was approved by a Manhattan judge on Friday (because the boys are minors). It all sounds nice and dandy, but there is a huge downside to the contract.

According to the NY Post, after the band receives their initial $60,000 advance, they’ll have to sell 250,000 records in order to see any of the dough. If we’re living in the same world here, that’s a ton of records to be sold in a digital age where, ya know, people don’t buy records anymore.

Here’s the video that put the interwebs in a tizzy.

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