UPON A BURNING BODY’s Frontman: Everyone Hates What We Did and They’re Blaming Me

You know the publicity stunt that Upon A Burning Body pulled earlier this month where frontman Danny Leal went missing? For the first time since it happened Leal spoke publicly about the incident and said that everybody is blaming him.

Leal talked about it on Ice-T’s Final Level podcast earlier this week:

We did a little bit of a publicity thing. We said I was missing and [people] turned it into this big thing and it became a pretty serious issue, people calling the cops where we’re from and stuff like that… Everybody now hates what we did and they’re blaming me. So I said, you know what, I’m going to come out with ropes on my hands and take it even further.

Since then he’s been coming out on stage with ropes on his wrists, playing up the stunt. The band is currently on this summer’s Mayhem Fest.