Upon A Missing Body…Is it a PR Stunt Gone Bad?

You’ve probably seen the internet swirling about the whereabouts of Upon A Burning Body frontman Danny Leal. Earlier today the band posted a status update on their Facebook page saying that the vocalist had been missing since June 30th, insinuating a potentially serious matter. But is this actually a life or death situation, or a PR stunt gone bad?

Breaking News: Danny Leal (singer of Upon A Burning Body) has been reported missing. He was last seen in his home town of San Antonio TX on Monday, June 30th.

That was the original post made this morning that sent shockwaves across the interwebs. Adding more fuel to the fire were a couple tweets Leal made the day he allegedly went missing.

@Dannyuabb · Jun 30
This same sketchy car has been driving past my house over and over for the past 3 days straight.

@Dannyuabb · Jun 30
Wide awake now… I could’ve sworn I heard someone in my house!!!!!

But hours after the story broke, Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen took to the label’s Facebook page to say he doesn’t condone such a publicity stunt.

As a child, we all learn the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and it sticks within our consciousness for a reason. I do not condone this type of publicity stunt. This was done behind my back and I am not OK with it. In my eyes, there’s never a time to use the possibility of real-life abduction, injury or murder of someone you care about to promote anything, especially an album. If you need to resort to that, then you have lost the plot.

We’ll keep you posted on more.