Woe Of Tyrants Issue Studio Update

by | Dec 15, 2009

Woe Of Tyrants have checked in with another studio update. The band stated the following:

“Shaun here, hanging at The Basement Studios in NC where the new Woe of Tyrants record is underway. Progress is ample, with the bulk of rhythm tracks completed (including drums, guitar, and bass) while vocals and leads are being finished. The presence, skill and tireless effort of Jamie King has contributed much to the process, and we’re all excited to get the CD shrink wrapped and out to all of you. Luckily, the weather has been reasonably kind and so has the van, so no disasters have befallen us thus far (unless you count late night TV programming at our hotel). While the typical horse-off-ery and fast food adventures have endured, hotel maid-wooing has (much to our disdain) taken a backseat to crunchtime dedication and much deserved shut-eye during these later stages. Recording festivities are due to carry on through Friday, and then we should be homeward bound – keep an eye out for the studio wrap-up at the end of the week!”