36 Crazyfists New Album Update

36 Crazyfists have recently checked in with an update on their upcoming album. The band stated the following:

“Just wanted to give a little update and let you guys know we are alive and well and writng our asses off. We have been holed up in Garden Studios AKA Northern Alps in Anchorage, Alaska with Captain Dirt Head Steven Holt at the helm once again. We hope to be wrapping this thing up come spring for a summer release.I wont ramble on too much and tell you guys that this is our heaviest or moodiest record yet but i will say its pretty f’n cool so far and we are very stoked. Thank you to everyone who picked up the DVD and We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season with your families. Thank You to the men and woman who are serving our country over seas and stateside. See all of you in 2010.”