Funeral For A Friend Check In With New Album Update

Funeral For A Friend have provided an update on the writing process of their new album. The band comments:

“We’ve been powering on with writing the new record and we’ve got tons of ideas that we’re all really excited about. I know you all want to hear new stuff as much as we want to play it to you. We should arrange a date for this. How does Knebworth on the weekend of 30th July-1st August sound? We’ll be there – don’t stand us up, please.”

“Lots of you have been asking how it sounds and what album it compares to? To be honest it sounds completely fresh and new to us. This is the first full length album we’ve written with this lineup, so anything and everything is possible.”


Funeral For a Friend Writing New Material, Issue Update

Funeral For a Friend have checked in with an update on their current happenings. Vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye commented:

“So as you all might have heard we’re neck deep in the process of writing and demoing new tunes for FFAF ALBUM NUMBER 5, it’s been going really well and we’ve got a ton of new songs already sorted out that are exciting everyone here at FFAF HQ. I know people are gonna be wondering what they sound like and it might be some time before you guy’s actually here them but trust me when i say that these tunes rock more than anything we’ve done in the past couple of years.”

“I’m really happy with the lyrics i’ve been writing, more so than I have of any of the last two records (not to say that those were bad by any means) but it’s been a strong continuation of of the stuff we recorded for Your History Is Mine. I personally think you’re gonna love these tunes, i really do. They blow away thew cobwebs and make you want to finger point and scream at the top of your lungs.”

“Anyway, while I was away before Xmas i got to catch up with friends in Strike Anywhere and meet and see the awesomeness of Dead to Me (if you haven’t heard of them then check them out!) and I’ve been unable to stop playing all my As Friends Rust and Lifetime records. They’re definitely taking a beating!”

“Video blogs should be coming along soon so you get to see some stuff as we’re heading into the studio in March so you won’t have to wait too long for some visual information. Plus you might get to hear somethings too.”