MOGWAI is Releasing a New Album, “Atomic”

It’s always good news hearing from Mogwai. Even better when we hear they’ve got new material coming out. The band will be releasing a new album called Atomic, which features reworked versions of music they recorded for Mark Cousin’s documentary Atomic: Living In Dread and Promise.

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Mogwai – Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1 (EP)

Release Date: Dec 1st
Mogwai – Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1 (EP)
(Rock Action)

Track listing:

01. Teenage Exorcists
02. History Day
03. HMP Shaun William Ryder
04. Re-Remurdered (Blanck Mass Remix)
05. No Medicine For Regret (Pye Corner Audio Mix)
06. The Lord Is Out Of Control (Nils Frahm Remix)


MOGWAI to Release a New EP, “Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry “

We love us some Mogwai. And they always seem to be putting out a steady stream of new tunes. At the beginning of the year they released their latest album Rave Tapes, followed by a reissue of their 1999 record Come On Die Young this past spring. And before the year ends they’ll be putting out yet another release — a new EP called Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1.


Mogwai’s “Simon Ferocious” Video Will Make You Jump Out of a Plane

Pretty cool concept filming a music video while skydiving. And what better way to free fall than while listening to Mogwai? The band’s latest album Rave Tapes came out early this year and it looks like they’re gonna be staying busy for a while.

Album Details Notable Releases Upcoming Releases

Mogwai – Come On Die Young (reissue)

Release Date: Jun 16th
Mogwai – Come On Die Young (reissue)
(Chemikal Underground)

Track Listing:

LP 1

01. Punk Rock:
02. Cody
03. Helps Both Ways
04. Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia
05. Kappa
06. Walz For Aidan
07. May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door
08. Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up
09. Ex Cowboy
10. Chocky
11. Christmas Steps
12. Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist

LP 2

01. Nick Drake
02. Waltz For Aidan (Chem19 Demo)
03. Christmas Steps (Chem19 Demo)
04. Rollderball (Chem19 Demo)
05. 7-25 (Chem19 Demo)
06. Untitled (Travels In Constants EP)
07. Quiet Stereo Dee (Travels In Constants EP)
08. Arundel (Travels In Constants EP)
09. Cody (Cava Sessions)
10. Ex Cowboy (Cava Sessions)
11. Spoon Test (Cava Sessions)
12. Punk Rock: (Cava Sessions)
13. Helicon 2 (Live at Cava Church)
14. Satchel Panzer (Cava Sessions)
15. Kappa (Live at Cappa Church)
16. Helps Both Ways (Original Version)
17. Hugh Dallas