THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN bus crash: “We are all lucky to be alive”

the dillinger escape plan

You’ve probably heard that over the weekend The Dillinger Escape Plan were involved in a serious bus accident. Before a show in Krakow, Poland a truck crashed into them. 13 were injured.

Thankfully the band members made it out alive.

They commented on the crash:

We were ripped out of sleep at 8:25AM to what still feels like a lucid nightmare. The cacophony of metal bending and things breaking and people screaming and what felt like being hit by a missile. Without going into detail, not everyone is out of the hospital yet, some of us are hurt worse than others.

Questions like why did this happen, why are we alive and others not, why are the people from the Bay Area fire dead, why at all is anyone here or not. What the hell is all of this. Remember how valuable life is. We are all lucky to be alive. To just have any time at all.

The band were in the middle of their European farewell tour. All of the remaining tour dates have been cancelled.

We wish the guys well and hope they have a speedy recovery.

Photo: FB