Geoff Rickly Talks Thursday’s Painful Breakup, Getting Sued by the United Nations, & Working with the New Lostprophets Band

Do you remember when we interviewed Thursday in 2009 when the Knitting Factory was still alive in Hollywood? They told us about their evolution over the years and talked in length about the impact of their record Full Collapse. But why the break up? And what’s former frontman Geoff Rickly up to these days? 

In a new interview, Rickly opened up about Thursday’s heartbreaking split.

“We had a very painful breakup that we didn’t talk about. We kept it very polite. You’re together with somebody for 15 years and it ends as badly as this ended — it was very difficult. It’s not something any of us talk about… We were always a band that bared our soul. We just finally knew it was time to not say anything. This was the time to let people have memories of the band and not taint it with us fighting with each other.”

And even though Thursday is taking a dirt nap, Rickly has numerous projects in the works. Aside from doing some solo shows as of late — as well as talking to Equal Vision about putting out a full-length solo effort — he’s got new music from United Nations on the horizon, as well as a record label in the works.

Apparently United Nations got sued by the real United Nations, and a number of their 7″s got banned in various countries, like Russia. Those banned 7″s will see the light of day this year as the band’s second full-length — in the form of a box set via Temporary Residence.

It also looks like his label Collect Records is gaining steam. Not only are they planning a 7″ with Touche Amore, Ricky’s label will also be releasing new music from the remaining members of Lostpropets (minus Ian Watkins of course).

I want to be a part of their second chance. People don’t really think of what happens to the other members, but that took away their life. They had to give up their career and everything they had worked for 15-17 years. They had no idea this was going on, it hit them so hard. I had talked to them on days when they didn’t want to get out of bed. And they’re all fathers.