Periphery Interview: Music Philosophy, The Next Album, & Haunted Shores

by | Mar 22, 2011

It’s Friday night in West Hollywood, and Periphery guitarist Alex Bois just picked up an unexpected souvenir. “We got a $100 ticket [for parking on Sunset Blvd],” he exclaims. “But it’s ok, it’s Friday night and we’re here in Hollywood.”

Perhaps optimism like this is the key ingredient in fueling Periphery’s momentum. With only one release under its belt, the group has become an international touring force, headlining shows in unfamiliar territories, and supporting heavyweights like The Dillinger Escape Plan and DevilDriver. Now with the band’s second album in its writing stages, the D.C. area based sextet has one primary objective: for this record to destroy the last.

Over turkey sandwiches and over-priced pizza, I sit down with Periphery to talk music philosophy, find out what’s in store for the band’s sophomore effort, and to get the 411 on guitarist Misha Mansoor’s Haunted Shores project.

From left to right: Misha Mansoor, Alex Bois, & drummer Matt Halpern.

Periphery’s Icarus Lives EP is due out on April 19 via Sumerian.
Front page & article photo by Dorothy Gilbert

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