Shhh… Secret Band (Dance Gavin Dance) Are in the Studio

When we joined Dance Gavin Dance on their bus a few years ago, Will Swan opened up to us about Jonny Craig’s infamous Macbook scam. At the time Craig had just rejoined the band, and Swan said having him back in the group was something that just felt right. No one could have predicted (or maybe someone could have predicted!) that Craig’s behavior would have gotten him booted off the 2012 All Stars Tour. But thank god for Swan’s secret band, Secret Band.

The group featuring Swan with DGD partners in crime, Jon Mess and Matt Mingus, were able to handle those remaining All Stars Tour dates like nothing had even happened. Pretty slick if you ask us.

Also impressive is the band’s latest self-titled EP. It’s a precursor to their full-length album that’s coming out sometime this fall on Swan’s label Blue Swan Records. And so you know, the band officially entered the studio today to begin tracking the effort.

Here’s a stream of their EP in full, along with some live footage from 2012.