36 Crazyfists Interview on Ryan’s Rock Show

by | Jul 12, 2010

You gotta wonder about the fate of some of these younger bands. Will majority of them just put out an album or two and vanish, or will some groups actually have the lasting power to stand the test of time? The “test of time” meaning that they’ll have a career 10 years down the road.

Look at 36 Crazyfists — they’re a band that formed in ’94, got their major label breakthrough at the declining peak of nu metal in 2002, and somehow managed to keep up and running for a total of 16 years. Now in 2010, the band is set to unleash their fifth studio album, “Collisions and Castaways”, on July 27. So how did they manage to keep their head above water in an ever-changing scene of heavy music?

I sat down with 36CF vocalist Brock Lindow to get some insight on the band’s decade and a half history, to find out how the band has evolved over the years, and to get his thoughts on the group’s relevance in the current music climate.

Beginning with thoughts on the band’s major label debut album, “Bitterness The Star”, here’s what Lindow had to say on Ryan’s Rock Show: