Counterparts: Five Lessons I Learned on My First Tour

by | Sep 16, 2013

We know a lot of our readers are in bands. Whether you’re a seasoned road dog who’s toured from Osaka to Oshkosh or a newbie yet to leave your step-mom’s garage, you can never know too much about traveling with a bunch of dudes. That’s why we asked Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy to tell us five things he learned from his first tour ever.

Right now he and his band are touring with August Burns Red and Blessthefall, supporting their new album The Difference Between Hell And Home. Then in October they’ll join the second week of Terror’s trek with Power Trip and Code Orange Kids.


“Five Lessons I Learned on My First Tour” by Brendan Murphy

1. Bring different shoes to play in.

2. Shower as often as possible. Even if you did yesterday. Even if you don’t smell. Just do it.

3. Fucking clean up after yourself. Especially in the van. Don’t leave your garbage around for other people to smell/dig through when you have to live in a van for weeks at a time. It’s disgusting.

4. Mitch can’t get a girl, he’s just Mitch.

5. If you have a place to stay, ALWAYS make sure they have a place to park a van and trailer. Nothing is worse than showing up to a kids house in the middle of downtown in a major city, and they get out and go “ohhh yeahhhhh I don’t know where you can park.” Drives me insane haha.