August Burns Red Interview: From the Beginnings to ‘Leveler’

by | Feb 9, 2012

Hours before the group’s sold out show at House of Blues Sunset, August Burns Red drummer Matt Greiner speaks of growing up on Solid State Records bands.

“My parents didn’t let me listen to anything else,” Greiner laughs in the dim green room of the venue. “They were very particular about me listening to music that had good lyrics and a good message. And since Solid State is a Christian affiliated label, they were very comfortable with that.”

Greiner insists that good messages and optimism are the cornerstone to the band’s success. Currently out supporting their fourth studio album Leveler, released last year through Solid State, August Burns Red have managed to maintain their positivity, even during times of unfortunate events. When Greiner broke his ankle skateboarding on one of the band’s early tours, instead of cancelling shows he was determined to make the best of his shortcomings. “I had to actually learn how to play drums with a cast.”

As passerbys politely exit the room for him to appear on camera, he says of his career, “It’s been a long ride!” From getting signed fresh out of high school to becoming one of metal’s prominent powerhouses, Greiner tells the story of August Burns Red: the early tours, working with Killswitch Engage’s Adam D and producer Jason Suecof, and the ups and downs of building a career as a musician.

Having been raised on a steady diet of Solid State bands, was it a dream come true when August Burns Red signed with the label?

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