Ages (Pelican, Ex-The Rise) Debut Track ‘Dirt’

by | Nov 1, 2010

Ages, a new project featuring Larry Herweg (Pelican), Kemble Walters (ex-The Rise, ex-Juliette and the Licks), and Mark Holcomb (Undertow), have debuted a track called “Dirt”. Listen here.

Veil of Maya Interview: Marc Okubo on Eclipse, Djent, & Timeless Records

Outside a coffee shop on Wilshire Blvd, Veil of Maya guitarist Marc Okubo remembers stories from the band’s first-ever tour with After The Burial. “[We played a show for] some kids in their parents’ garage that didn’t do any promotion at...

Animals As Leaders Interview: The Second Album & T.R.A.M.

Five years ago, Animals As Leaders guitarist Javier Reyes auditioned for Periphery. “He didn’t make the cut!” jokes lead guitarist Tosin Abasi. As he laughs and shakes his head, Reyes defends himself, “They were 20 years old, and I was 26. I...