ALL HUMAN Released a Benefit Song for the Victims & Families of Orlando Tragedy

by | Jun 14, 2016

We love All Human, and we love what they’re doing with their new song “Nostalgia.” It’s a B-side to their latest record Teenagers, You Don’t Have to Die, and they released it to raise donations for the victims and families of the shooting in Orlando.

Frontman Adam Rupert Fisher (Fear Before the March of Flames, Orbs) posted this on Facebook following the tragedy:

When i heard news of the massacre I had a million thoughts. But two really stuck with me. First I thought: what if i was in that club? What if I was gunned down while spending a night off with friends having a good time? How would my parents react to the news? How would my friends react? What kind of impact would this have on the rest of their lives? Then second and more importantly I thought of my friends. I thought of Long Beach pride which occurred a few weeks ago. I made about 10 burritos that morning and many mimosas for my friends before we all walked down to watch the parade. Of the 12 people I was with only myself and one other identify as gay. They were there for one reason, love. They love and support me and all of their friends. If I asked them to go to a “gay club” they would be there dancing and drinking with me. So I imagined losing them and the impact that would have on myself and their families. My friends and family love me, regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs and I love them. Love knows no boundaries. These people, these lunatics who are willing to kill innocent people cannot win. Their hate cannot win. Do not let it win. This will not be the last hateful atrocity in our country, our world, our time on this earth. It certainly is not the first. Unfortunately this one just hits close to home and is the worst in our countrys history. I do not pretend to be a smart man. I do my thinking with my heart. And my heart goes out to everyone effected by this travesty. I refuse to be afraid. I will not stop being who I am. I hope that all of you will stand strong in the same way. We will not let hate win. Always love.

Here’s a stream of “Nostalgia.” You can donate on Bandcamp. All proceeds will go to The Center of Orlando and/or Equality Florida.

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