Asking Alexandria’s Bus Hit by Drunk Driver

by | Mar 30, 2013

Asking Alexandria’s bus was hit by a drunk driver last night.

“Drunk driver just crashed into our bus on the highway,” frontman Danny Worsnop tweeted, adding “Don’t drink and drive.”

Guitarist Ben Bruce tweeted, “Our bus is completely fucked. Our bus driver stopped us from flipping and saved our lives, thank fuck…”

The members reportedly made it out of the accident with only minor injuries. Said Worsnop, “We are all okay besides a couple of back aches. The trailer is fucked, the bus has heavy damage and the other car he hit is destroyed.”  

This is the second bus accident the band has been involved in within the past few months. In December they were involved in a crash en route to Chicago.

The group is expected to play tonight in Las Vegas at Extreme Thing.

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