Boo, CARAVELS are Going on Hiatus

by | Dec 29, 2014

This bums us out a lot. Caravels will be going on hiatus following their European tour in January. The band have been at it for nine years, and due to personal stuff in their lives, have decided to throw in the towel for the foreseeable future.

The group will be going to Europe in January with Octaves to support their new split EP with the band (out Jan. 20th). Before that though they’ll be playing their last hometown show in Vegas on January 9th at The Bunkhouse Saloon.

Here’s a stream of their 2013 album Lacuna.

We wish those dudes the best.

Octaves & Caravels EU Tour dates:

Jan 14 Darmstadt, GER @ Oetinger Villa
Jan 15 Schaffhausen, CHE @ Taptab
Jan 16 Innsbruck, AUT @ PMK
Jan 17 Schio, ITA @ C.s.a. Arcadia
Jan 18 Vienna, AUT @ EKH
Jan 19 Pilsen, CZE @ Divadlo Pod Lampou
Jan 20 Berlin, GER @ Tiefgrund
Jan 21 Chemnitz, CHE @ AC17
Jan 22 Goettingen, GER @ T-Keller
Jan 23 Utrecht, NLD @ ACU
Jan 24 Rouen, FRA @ Emporium Galorium
Jan 26 Portsmouth, UK @ Edge On The Wedge
Jan 28 London, UK @ The Black Heart
Jan 30 Dendermonde, BEL @ JH Zenith
Jan 31 Cologne, GER @ Privat

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