Coheed and Cambria New Album Titled ‘Year of the Black Rainbow’

by | Dec 8, 2009

Coheed and Cambria have set “Year of the Black Rainbow” as the title of the forthcoming album. The record is set for release in April 2010, and will be followed by a headline tour of the US and a series of European festivals.

Bleeding Through Interview on Ryan’s Rock Show

If you’ve been a Ryan’s Rock Show reader for a minute, you may remember the interview I did a while back with Death By Stereo. I got into a pretty long discussion with the dudes about the early Orange County punk scene, and how a small community of kids...

The Faceless Interview: Michael Keene & Evan Brewer Talk New Album & Lineup Adjustments

When The Faceless played the Whisky in 2004 with a D.C. band called Reflux, guitarist Michael Keene recalls a misfortune. “I remember [Evan Brewer] got robbed that night,” he laughs, reminiscing on a show that marked a turning point in the...