Corelia to Release ‘Nostalgia (Instrumentals and Extras)’

by | Jul 24, 2012

Corelia will release an effort featuring instrumentals, demos, and extra material from their Nostalgia EP on July 31st.

Nostalgia (Instrumentals and Extras) Track Listing:

01. Treetops (Instrumental)
02. Glass Faces (Instrumental)
03. The Sound of Glaciers Moving (Instrumental)
04. Aviation (Instrumental)
05. Red Sky Harbor (Instrumental)
06. Mute Swan (Instrumental)
07. Blood Petals (Instrumental)
08. The Sound of Glaciers Moving (Live in the Studio)
09. Glass Faces (First Demo)
10. Aviation (Demo)
11. Glass Faces (Demo)
12. Treetops (Isolated Vocals)
13. Glass Faces (Isolated Vocals)
14. The Sound of Glaciers Moving (Isolated Vocals)
15. Aviation (Isolated Vocals)
16. Red Sky Harbor (Isolated Vocals)
17. Blood Petals (Isolated Vocals)