As Blood Runs Black: The Ryan’s Rock Show Interview

by | Dec 7, 2010

A year ago this December, As Blood Runs Black posted a demo version of a song with a new vocalist, who ironically quit the band merely a few weeks after joining. Their next vocalist, who was introduced in February, left the band in August in the midst of a tour with Oceano. Despite being on their third vocalist this year, the members of As Blood Runs Black are pretty optimistic.

“I’ve been in it through the long run, and there has been shit, after shit, after shit,” comments bassist Nick Stewart. “But when shit hits the fan, you gotta wash the walls. Good things come to those who persevere.”

As we chat outside a deli on Hollywood’s infamous Sunset Strip, Stewart and guitarist Greg Kirkpatrick fill me in on the band’s past 12 months, their former merch guy turned new frontman, Sonik Garcia, and their forthcoming album, Instinct.

Last December you posted a demo version of a song online with a vocalist named Jonny McBee, who quit your band just weeks after joining. Explain how you found him, and why he left.