MTV Writer Apologizes to Greg Puciato for Steroid Accusations

by | Jan 13, 2010

In a recent MTV article, in which seemingly was intended to be a satirical editorial linking Mark McGwire’s steroid use to a number of musicians, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s vocalist Greg Puciato was accused of allegedly using steroids.

MTV writer James Montgomery wrote:

“The diminutive wailer for New Jersey spazzers Dillinger Escape Plan is ripped enough for a man five-times his size, and though he’s denied using steroids (he chalks his physique up to “eat[ing] a lot of protein and work[ing] out a lot”), we’re still not entirely convinced. Then again, positively destroying the stage on a nightly basis has to have some benefits, right?”

After a series of angered Twitter posts from Puciato in response to the accusations, Montgomery released the following statement:

“So, Greg — and, really, anyone else who I offended with yesterday’s post — I’m sorry. I didn’t do the due diligence this time around. I wrote something that was potentially damaging, and pretty irresponsible. My intention was not to suggest in any way that anyone on my list has every actually used steroids. Rather, I was attempting to poke fun at a pretty ridiculous situation, and, in turn, only created a more ridiculous one. It won’t happen again. Please don’t kill me.”

Puciato told Noisecreep:

“In a bizarre MTV news story today about Mark McGwire and steroids, some writer guy who writes ‘news’ that nobody probably reads anyway decided to basically accuse me and some other musicians of steroid use,” Puciato said. “Irresponsible? Yes. Understandable? Of course, because he obviously doesn’t know what it feels like to have actual willpower and drive. I don’t know what it feels like to be a total p—- who manifests his own inadequacies by accusing other people of cheating in order to achieve something of notice.” 

The Dillinger Escape Plan’s forthcoming album, “Option Paralysis”, is set for release on March 23rd.

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