Nexialist: Silver Snakes drummer launches electronic project

by | Jun 5, 2017

Lots has been happening in the world of Silver Snakes these days. The band have been out supporting their latest record Saboteur, and recently wrapped up a trek with Chevelle. Now with some downtime, drummer Garrett Harney has shifted focus to his electronic project, Nexialist.

A clash between trip-hop, industrial, EDM and metal, Nexialist is Garrett’s sci-fi inspired solo project that channels the spirits of artists like Aphex Twin and Marilyn Manson. Over the weekend Nexialist released its debut effort, EP.0.

He explains,

“Inspiration for EP.0 comes from both a love for science fiction and a grave concern for the state of America, the planet, and humanity as a whole…One-track solutions have proven ineffective, and wide-ranging Nexialism could be the broad healing approach the world needs.”

Here’s a stream of the EP in its entirety.

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