Old Man Gloom to Release ‘Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live In NYC’ LP in November

by | Oct 26, 2011

Old Man Gloom (Converge, Cave In, Isis) will release an LP dubbed Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live In NYC, which begins shipping the week of November 25th via Hydra Head. Pre-order information can be found at BlueCollarDistro.com.

Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live In NYC Track Listing:

Side A:

1. Christmas Eve Part I
2. A.L.F. Makes Accident, Or The Slow Advance Of The Now Liberated, But Virally Contagious Chimps
3. Skull Of Geronimo
4. Masami’s Music Box I
5. Branch Breaker (Live In NYC)
6. Masami’s Music Box 2
7. Christmas Eve Part II
8. Gratuitous Bonus Track Made By Sensible Musicians Doing Questionable Things

Side B (Live At Brownies In NYC):

1. Zozobra (Excerpt)
2. Skullstorm
3. Branch Breaker
4. Sonic Wave Of Bees
5. Rape Athena
6. Flood II
7. Afraid Of….
8. Hot Salvation
9. Jaws Of The Lion

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