Parkway Drive Studio Update; Collaborating with Bad Religion Guitarist

by | Apr 8, 2010

Parkway Drive have checked in with another studio update. The band is currently working with producer Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Bad Religion) to record their third studio album.

While in the studio, the group was recently joined by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. The band comments:

“So we spent half the first day allocated for guitars playing through nearly every amp you could think of. Some sounded terrible, others OK, but a few sounded ridiculously good. After agreeing on the perfect combination of heads and cabs (good luck figuring it out) and finding the best sounding guitars we got to work!”

“Again, Joe’s technique was quite different to what we were used to from recording 2 records with Adam D. Rather than sitting there looking at a computer screen and punching in every riff or note until it was 100% noise free precision, we’d be told to just have fun with it, feel it and play it the way we normally would. Then we’d go through and tighten it up but not compromise the ‘real’ and ‘natural’ sound of our guitar playing. The guitar tones we’ve got on this record are fucking huge. We’re so stoked with it and can’t wait to hear the final product.”

“Next was bass and since Jia wasn’t with us in the studio Jeff and I had alot of fun writing parts with Joe’s input and laying down some bong bong noises. This is the first time we’ve really picked apart what the bass is actually doing and it seems to be adding a whole new dimension to our songs. The breakdowns are so much heavier, fast parts more defined and the melodies are sounding as catchy as hell! Who would have thought bass was actually an instrument?”

“Winston’s time to shine. First song, one take, 15 minutes… next! We tried to listen back and go through shit but it was fucking perfect and heavy as hell so we just had to leave it. The good thing about recording guitars, bass and vocals all in one day (another new thing for us) is you really get to hear everything come together alot quicker. Everyday a new song or two is pretty much finished and we get so stoked on it and our spirits stay so high. We get home buzzing.”

“There’s a couple of interesting guest appearances on this record. Our label owner and Bad Religion legend Brett Gurewitz came in to the studio today and added a nice twist to one of our songs. Don’t worry, this is still the heaviest PWD record we’ve ever written.”

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