Russian Circles guitar stolen in Cincinnati

by | Oct 29, 2009

Guitarist Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles had his guitar stolen last night at the band’s show in Cincinnati, OH. The following statement has been released:

“Last night, October 28th after a show in the Cincinnati, Covington Kentucky area at The Mad Hatter, one of my guitars was stolen off stage during load out. The guitar is exactly the same as seen in the photos but has a black finish. As the guitar is quite rare, it has significant street and sentimental value. Any information would be greatly appreciated. An eye witness confirms that an individual named Tim Carr was seen exiting the venue with the guitar (without case). The guitar was resting safely on a stand on stage before it was taken. serial number 791858. The guitar features a unique smaller Gibson headstock that is exclusive to this model.

if you have any information about this please email: