Sevendust Update on New Record, 2010 Plans

by | Jan 2, 2010

Sevendust issued an update on their new record, as well as their 2010 happenings. The band stated the following:

“Hey everyone, We re taking a small break to have the latest record mixed and mastered and we re very excited to let everyone hear the end result of what we consider great 7d record. We re starting to think about things to do different for the live shows and ways to spice it up and usually that starts with a set list. After having so much success reading your thoughts on the direction you guys thought we should go in writing the new sevendust and the helpful response to that blog I thought you could lend a hand with this. In the band we all have thoughts on what a good set list would be, why not get the peoples thoughts on it. It’s hard after having basically 8 records to choose from to make everyone one happy. We want to get an early start on this so here’s what we want you to do. Put together a list of 20 sevendust songs you’d like to see us perform. It can be in a set list form or if you want just name a few songs you’d love to hear us play. We”ll go through the choices you have and pick our list using yours. We can’t go wrong if you pick the list. There will be new songs off the new record that we”ll be playing this year but want your help in picking songs from our previous records. So again, top 20 songs you’d want to see us play and of you don’t have time for that, just pick a top ten so we atleast have a pool of stuff to pick from. Thanks and we promise to give you a sevendust show like you haven’t seen in awhile in 2010. We love you guys and keep your eye out for our new records this spring!!”


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