Shit Happens: Every Time I Die Reportedly in Shit After Posting Fake Celebrity Tweets

by | Oct 13, 2010

Every Time I Die appear to be facing legal issues after posting a series of fake retweets from celebrities to promote their forthcoming DVD, “Shit Happens: The Series?”.

Commenting on Twitter today, the band stated: “glad so many people enjoyed our fake tweets but we can’t comment further on the legal troubles its caused.”

On October 6, the band posted a number of fake celebrity tweets including:

RT @peeweeherman: New ETID DVD in stores 10/26! I sure hope they play THAT in a dark, seedy theater!

RT @JimmyFallon @everytimeidie this is brilliant, you guys need to come play my show to promote your new dvd!

RT @AndyDick i did the Jimmy Kimmel show w/ @evereytimeidie in 08, they’re cracking me up, get their dvd

RT @justinbieber: if I don’t have pubes by oct 26th, I’m sure the ETID DVD will give me a whole mess of em, yo!

“Shit Happens: The Series?” is due out on October 26 through Epitaph.