The Banner Break Up

by | Jan 12, 2010

The Banner have thrown in the towel and confirmed their break up. The band issued the following statement:

“Alright as im sure you may have guessed The Banner is embarking on our Swan song. Theres no drama or nothing its just we pretty much did everything i wished to do and id like to bow out as gracefully as we are capable (yeah, i know, but for us this is as graceful as youre gonna get.) Were gonna play a last show at the end of the year. im not sure of exactly when someone could nail down a start date of this band but it was 1999-2000 so the end of 2010 will be at least ten years and ten years/6 records is something i can move on feeling ok about. So before the end of the year were gonna play other shows around the area and do a few things so i can square away the lingering financial obligations and make a clean break. If you want to book us somewhere that involves flying or touring to get to, unless you plan on paying for us to fly there (and if you are the fuck is wrong with you?), it aint happening. Gonna be working on final EP of sorts that will ideally be out before the last show, Wondering who is gonna put it out? NOBODY, I begged and pleaded but everybody was “too busy”. if i can gather enough funds after paying for recording ill press it myself but lets face it…probably not gonna happen. No, looks like the last album will be coming out on Mediafire Records. but thats chill too. The other dudes have things going on in the meantime Jake and Buzz are in Valens, Jake is also playing in FleshTemple, Buzz is ALSO ALSO still in Pellinore, Rich Bukowski is a huge queer but i love him so ill give him a little spot here also hes doing Pharaoh sounds sorta like cursed and other stuff people who like cursed like, i dont think they have a myspace but who knows and he does Rattling cages which is kind of a hardcore thing , upon further inspection i cant find their myspace either maybe theyre too awesome for myspace? PAUL. fucking paul is playing drums in every hardcore/punk and metal band in new jersey, including but not limited too which also include Justin who was in The Banner for a blink until he remember he had a wife and baby back home. i think hes only in this band for temporary but Jeremy is in this band who was also in The Banner for a minute and Buddy from Senses Fail, which admittedly sounds wierd as fuck but really isnt as horrific as you would first imagine. which is semi horror punk type deal with Michael Graves, Billy blooddrinker, Ricky rippingcorpse, skull demolisher mcgee and flock o’bats Johnson and im sure many other dudes with better nicknames than Joey Southside. Dayn (the fuck is dayn? hes new dont worry about it) hes filling in or was for and some other moshy band thing that i dont know if they have name. Joey/me ive started writing for NHC (with dayn/Jeremy/paul and kwame from troublemaker (( ))) which is a hardcore punk band and Wolve which is a metal band“”GARRETT is tattooing somewhere in new york i think? ill post more info when i get it hes also in a band with some dudes and ill post up that link when i find it. yeah so i guess we will let you know about the last shows and stuff when we figure it out andddddddddddddddddddddd you should buy some merch so Pete from shogun doesnt kill me with hammers. thanks! Also anybody want to buy a van? 8k 2004 chevy express 25k you get to keep the vanzig sticker, we can probably work out a trade for comic books though. JSS-“