The Haarp Machine Seeking New Vocalist

by | Oct 22, 2011

The Haarp Machine have parted ways with vocalist Dom Sobkowicz due to “irresolvable conflicts in work ethic, relations, and philosophy,” and are seeking a new vocalist to re-record their debut album.

Those interested in auditioning must download the instrumental version of “The Escapist Notion” here, and submit a video of the performance to

Lyrics to the track and a video announcement can be found below, as well as on YouTube.

To elevate humans conscious we must first
Modernise our understandings and beliefs
Through re-education and meditative introspection
The environment supporting primitive value systems must alter to sustain this new worldview

Human behaviour is simply a persons value system relative to their environment
Ethics is relative to culture
For our social system promotes and rewards competition and self interest
Directly generating aberrant behaviour

Corruption is the norm
Acceptance of support
Considered right and normal

If you removed the ones who rule
Time will reveal substitutes
Its not any one group that’s to blame

Many argue against this view with the escapist notion that “human nature” causes competition
And need for dominance
Unsupported by the facts
We are near clean slates when born
Environment dictates who we are, how we behave

For this revolution
Don’t try to fight the products
Of this sick social structure
Isolate the root causes; neutralise
This is the only path to ascend

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