The Word Alive Bassist Quits, Band Seeking Replacement

by | Dec 29, 2010

The Word Alive is seeking a new bassist, following the announcement of Nick Urlacher parting ways with band. Those interested in auditioning should email and should note the following criteria:

Must be over 18.  (Preferably 21+)
Previous national touring experience with national band.
Can sing or scream back-ups confidently.
Be able to tour full time.
Be able to play the “Deceiver” and “Empire” cd.
Professional gear or means to get some upon joining.
Strong work ethic and willingness to sacrifice.
NO druggies or alcoholics, we like to have a good time but work comes first.
It’s a plus if you have experience driving a van/trailer.
When you write an email please include why you’d like to join TWA.

Statements from both Urlacher and the band can be found below.


“This is hard to start off. What are the right words to say goodbye to a family of friends, family and fans who have changed your life for the last 3 years of your life? A simple goodbye wouldn’t suffice. Yet a long drawn out one would be too much.

I’ve decided to leave The Word Alive my friends. This decision doesn’t come easy, by any means of the word. The other 5 members have been my road family and home family for what feels like an eternity. We had the best of times and the worst of times, but we were together playing music and touring the country together. We’re friends who will always be there for one another no matter the price.

This period of my life has changed me in ways that I would have never imagined! I found myself out on that lonely road with them.

I will miss all of our friends, family and fans I’ve had the utmost pleasure and honor to meet along my travels with The Word Alive.

My life journey hasn’t ended and neither will the band. This band will accomplish so much and Ill be proud of them for all the progress they are GOING to make.”

The band:

“So this is not easy to announce for any of us, having one of our best friends departing from our incredible journey is a sad thing.  Especially Nick, who has always been one of the best dudes to all of us, as well as someone who could make anyone smile on a bad day and a founding member.  But sometimes people have to choose the path that is right for them.  We support Nick and love him like a brother and will always consider him apart of the TWA family.  Hopefully you will too!

That being said, we want you guys to know we will not be missing ANY shows.  We have a friend from Phoenix filling in for our next tour, so everyone say hi to our friend Daniel from Sharks Never Sleep on tour and be nice! Or else 😉

We’ll be doing a public search for what will be a permanent member.  This isn’t something we will be rushing in the least bit, we want to find the perfect fit for our band and the future of TWA.

We hope that through this change we can only continue to progress and play shows for all of you guys, which is our dream and our focus.  Thank you for your understanding and support through everything.  We can’t wait to see you in 2011 and will not let this slow us down.” 

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