Visitors: Stream Vortices, A Foreword EP in its entirety

by | Jul 20, 2017

Some things are worth the wait. Like the new EP from Salt Lake City band Visitors called Vortices, A Foreword. You’ll wanna stream this baby in its entirety.

Now if you don’t know much about the band, here’s a quick recap. They released a killer debut recording back in 2014 dubbed Blueshift EP. It was a handful of songs that caught the scene by surprise — and it combined all of the best elements of bands like Glassjaw, HRVRD, Circa Survive and At The Drive-In.

Vortices, A Foreword is a follow-up to that. It was recorded with Stephan Hawkes, who’s done stuff with In Dying Arms and Jonny Craig, and includes four new tracks that are polished and refined, yet brash as ever.

You can stream all of the EP below. You can also purchase it here.

One of the things we dig about the release is that there’s a supplemental comic book to go along with it. It’s called Axis B. You can get that package here.

Vortices, A Foreword officially comes out tomorrow, July 21st. But hey… we’re a day early.

Photo: FB

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