Ghostride (Will Haven) Planning New Album

Will Haven members have plans to release a new album for their side project Ghostride. The band issued the following update:

“been holed up in our little studio working on two new will haven songs, hopefully demo them tommorow night, I will post some sights and sounds from that little sesh. I have been getting alot of emails about Ghostride. If you have not heard of Ghostride its a side project that we did with our good friend Rey Osburn (Death Valley High/Tinfed) We recorded a four song demo with Eric Stenman and then a full length record called Cobra Sunrise back in 2004. Eventhough the record never really got noticed we were still able to play some cool shows and even did a UK tour with Biffy Clyro. We never were able to make another record due t0 Rey being busy with his band and us getting will haven back together. Well Rey and I got together recently and we talked about doing another Ghostride record. So im pretty stoked about that because I have alot of great ideas for that band. Of course will haven is the most important thing right now and we have alot of work to do, so I wouldnt expect anything until we are done touring for this new will haven record, but a new Ghostride record will see the light of day eventually. So anyone who enjoyed the first record hopefully will dig this little news. So that is whats up with the G Ride…and if anyone see’s Chris Fehn tell him im waiting!! thank you!!”

A Ghostride track, “3am Cobra”, can be heard below.