UPDATED: Roadrunner Records’ International Offices Shut Down

Warner Music Group reportedly has shut down Roadrunner Records’ international offices in a cost cutting move.

The employees at Roadrunner Records’ European, Canadian, and UK offices have been terminated.

Publicist Kirsten Sprinks tweeted, “It’s true – we are all out of a job,” later adding, “No, I have not written a press release about our office closing, for those folks asking.”

No word as to how the US branch of the label is being affected.

Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel recently tweeted, “Wow just heard more sad news about US people leaving Roadrunner now.”

Update 4:00pm PSTBillboard is reporting that Roadrunner Records founder/CEO Cees Wessels is stepping down. Today at least 36 staffers were let go worldwide, 16 of which in the US. While it was reported that the label’s international offices were closing, Billboard says only the Netherlands office will shut down, and that some employees will remain in every territory.