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Old Man Gloom – Mickey Rookey Live At London

Release Date: Feb 19th
Old Man Gloom – Mickey Rookey Live At London

Track Listing:

01. Shadowed/Gift
02. Flood II
03. Branch Breaker
04. Accord-o-Matic
05. Common Species
06. Regain/Rejoin
07. The Lash
08. Christmas Eve Pt. III
09. Hot Salvation
10. Jaws of the Lion
11. Skullstorm
12. SLeeping With Snakes
13. Rape Athena
14. To Carry the Flame (Radio Edit)
15. Scraps Theatre Presents:
16. Zozobra Pts I-III
17. Afraid Of
18. Bells Dark Above Our Heads


CULT OF LUNA are Back from Hiatus to Play Psycho California

Just when you thought Cult of Luna were going to be in hibernation for a while, it turns out they’ll be back in action this summer for the¬†Psycho California festival in SoCal.