Today we launched a reshaped version of Ryan’s Rock Show

Today we launched a reshaped version of Ryan’s Rock Show. While the layout is still the same, the new version of this site includes two new sections: an extensive interviews archive and a revised story.

The interviews section includes all the audio & video interviews conducted on this site since it started in 2007, which is roughly 70 hours of conversation with over 100 bands. It’s also really easy to sort through. Check that out here.

The revised story is exactly that. It’s perhaps the most important section of this website, as it explains what Ryan’s Rock Show stands for, how it started, and why we do what we do. Check that out here.

Thanks so much to all of you that visit this site on a regular basis and for keeping me updated on your lives, bands, and for always sending me new music to check out. A new interview with For Today will be going up later this week. I’m also going to see Crosses in LA on Wednesday. Anyone going?

Stay in touch…. ryan(at)