Sworn Enemy Guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci Quits Band

Sworn Enemy’s Lorenzo Antonucci (guitars, vocals) announced his departure from the band after a decade to move on with his new endeavor, Smashface, who will soon begin recording their debut effort at Rockhard Studios in Austria with producer Daniel Castleman (Destroy The Runner, Winds Of Plague).

Antonucci stated: “Hey everybody, after a decade of being in Sworn Enemy I’ve come to an extremely hard decision: parting ways with the band and longtime friend/partner Sal LoCoco (vocals). This band has allowed me the opportunity to see the world and provided many countless, good memories that I will never forget. Sworn Enemy has been my baby since the beginning in 2000 and I’ve put everything that I had into it, giving it my all. It took me a long time to think this through, but after a grueling 75 day tour in the states, I just lost it and had had enough. I will always love the band and will always be a part of Sworn Enemy, as well as try to write as much as I can for the band if they continue on without me.”

“I will continue on with music and as some of you may have heard already, I have a new project with Chris Storey (ex-All Shall Perish) and another amazing shredder Sean Swafford. The band is called Smashface and I’m handling all the vocal duties. I also have a recording studio with my girlfriend (Lidija Lychee) and am also taking guitar lessons from Chris Storey; The man that got me shredding.”