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Animals As Leaders Interview: Javier Reyes on The Joy of Motion

There’s no doubt that Animals As Leaders have taken heavy music to a new plateau. What started out as Tosin Abasi’s outlet to express his creativity has turned into a global sensation, resonating in the bloodstream of today’s youth. But the road to fame and success hasn’t come without its trials and tribulations. As guitarist Javier Reyes points out, the journey thus far has been full of surprises.

Since our last interview with AAL a few years ago, the band have hit numerous road blocks on the highway to prominence. We invited Reyes over to our Haus to talk about what they’ve been through over the years — the Boston case, the time their home got burglarized, and everything that went into to making their chart-topping new album The Joy of Motion.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • 00:04 playing a burnt down church w/ Deftones
  • 01:20 Thrice’s farewell tour
  • 02:23 the Boston case
  • 03:03 getting their house burglarized
  • 04:06 producing hip hop
  • 05:02 evolving as a musician
  • 05:49 The Joy of Motion
  • 07:55 on mastery
  • 08:54 T.R.A.M. & Mestis
  • 09:53 how AAL’s fame affects creativity
  • 11:14 advice to young musicians

Mestís: Javier Reyes (Animals as Leaders) Signs Solo Deal with Sumerian Records; ‘Basal Ganglia’ EP Out in November

Animals as Leaders guitarist Javier Reyes has inked a solo deal with Sumerian Records for his new instrumental project Mestís.


T.R.A.M. ‘Inverted Ballad’ Video Debuts

T.R.A.M. (Animals as Leaders) have released a music video for “Inverted Ballad.” Watch below.


T.R.A.M. ‘Lingua Franca’ Album Preview Streaming

A preview of T.R.A.M.’s (Animals as Leaders, Suicidal Tendencies, ex-The Mars Volta) debut album Lingua Franca can be heard on Amazon.

The effort hits streets on February 28th through Sumerian


T.R.A.M. to Release ‘Lingua Franca’ Album in February

T.R.A.M., featuring members of Animals as Leaders, Suicidal Tendencies, and ex-The Mars Volta, will release their debut album Lingua Franca on February 28th through Sumerian.