We've done a bunch of interviews since starting in 2007.  168 and still counting. Most are video interviews and a few are audio. Go through and pick one that interests you. Pass the Doritos when you're done.

Trivium Interview: Corey Beaulieu on Building a Fanbase & Opening for Metallica

16 Mar 2009

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – Stephen – getting signed, DIY touring

11 Mar 2009

Sonny Moore (Skrillex) Interview: Leaving From First to Last, his Solo Project

08 Mar 2009

Woe of Tyrants Interview: Adam Kohler on Forming in Ohio & Signing to Metal Blade

02 Mar 2009

Iwrestledabearonce Interview: Partying in Abandoned Houses & Almost Living w/ Crackheads

22 Feb 2009

The Empire Shall Fall Interview – Jesse Leach – Leaving Killswitch Engage

22 Feb 2009

From First to Last Interview: Travis Richter on The Color of Violence & Life as a Producer

15 Feb 2009

Coma Lies Interview: Liam Christenson on Australia to the US to Work with Steve Evetts

10 Feb 2009

Protest The Hero Interview: Rody Walker on How They Formed, & Shitty Myspace Bands

29 Jan 2009

Cyrus Fell Down Interview: Aaron Anderberg – DIY Touring & Spokane

19 Jan 2009

Ross Robinson Interview: The Art of Making Timeless Records

19 Jan 2009

My Own Private Alaska – Yohan – From France to Ross Robinson

12 Jan 2009

Torche Interview: Jonathan Nuñez & Rick Smith on Being called The Next Nirvana

05 Jan 2009

Kill What I Adore Interview: Touring with Pregnant Girlfriends

03 Jan 2009

Clutch Interview with Tim Sult

30 Dec 2008

Cradle of Filth Interview: Charles Hedger on Growing Up Listening to COF, ‘Jesus is a Cunt’ Shirts

15 Oct 2008

Kaddisfly Interview: Christopher Ruff on the Band’s Songwriting Process

16 Sep 2008

Soulfly Interview with Max Cavalera

28 Aug 2008

Converge Interview: Nate Newton on the Many Years in the Band & the Evolution of Heavy Music

15 Aug 2008

Born of Osiris Interview: Lee McKinney, Matt Pantelis on Motivations & the Touring Lifestyle

28 Jul 2008

Horse The Band Interview: Erik Engstrom Recaps the Band’s Worldwide DIY Tour

27 Jul 2008

Godhead Interview: Jason Miller on Marilyn Manson’s Record Label, Ozzy, & MTV

15 Jul 2008

A Static Lullaby Interview: Dane Poppin on Why Major Labels Suck

15 Jul 2008

I Am The Avalanche Interview: The Movielife, Vinnie Caruana, & Forming IATA

16 Jun 2008

Hatebreed Interview: Jamey Jasta on The Industry, & hosting MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball

16 Jun 2008

Eyes Set To Kill Interview: Difficulties of DIY & Touring

15 Jun 2008

The Fall of Troy Interview: The 27 Club & Playing Festivals with Incubus

15 May 2008

Circa Survive Interview: Colin Frangicetto & Anthony Green on Happiness & Expectations

15 May 2008

The Red Chord Interview: Guy Kozowyk on Forming Black Market Activities & Timless Music

22 Apr 2008

Tera Melos Interview: Nick Reinhart, Nate Latona, and Vince Rogers on DIY Philosophy

16 Mar 2008

Portugal. The Man Interview with Zach Carothers, Jason Sechrist, Ryan Neighbors

16 Mar 2008

Every Time I Die Interview: Andy Williams on Fall Out Boy & Music & Technology

15 Mar 2008

DevilDriver Interview: Dez Fafara on Coal Chamber, Life & Death, and Robert Johnson

10 Mar 2008

As Cities Burn Interview: Cody Bonnette, Colin Kimble on DIY & Lessons Learned in the Music Industry

15 Feb 2008

Drop Dead Gorgeous Interview: Label Pressures & Lineup Adjustments

10 Feb 2008

Alien Ant Farm Interview: Mike Cosgrove on the Downsides of Multi-Platinum Success

31 Jan 2008