Details Revealed for Soundgarden ‘Telephantasm’ Retrospective

by | Aug 4, 2010

Soundgarden will release a retrospective outing called “Telephantasm” on September 28 in three expanded versions.

The versions include a double-disc with 12 additional tracks (five previously unreleased) and a DVD that features 20 videos (13 unreleased), a deluxe three-LP vinyl edition, and a super deluxe collector’s edition.

The track listing for the various versions is as follows:

“Telephantasm” (Single CD):

01. Hunted Down
02. Hands All Over
03. Outshined
04. Rusty Cage
05. Birth Ritual
06. Black Hole Sun
07. Spoonman
08. My Wave
09. Fell On Black Days
10. Burden In My Hand
11. Blow Up The Outside World
12. Black Rain (previously unreleased)

“Telephantasm” (2-CD/Limited-Edition DVD):

CD Disc One:

01. All Your Lies
02. Hunted Down
03. Fopp
04. Beyond The Wheel
05. Flower (BBC session)*
06. Hands All Over
07. Big Dumb Sex
08. Get On The Snake (live)
09. Room A Thousand Years Wide (single version)*
10. Rusty Cage
11. Outshined
12. Slaves & Bulldozers

CD Disc Two:

01. Jesus Christ Pose (live)
02. Birth Ritual
03. My Wave
04. Superunknown
05. Spoonman
06. Black Hole Sun
07. Fell On Black Days (video version)
08. Burden In My Hand
09. Dusty
10. Pretty Noose (live on “SNL”)*
11. Blow Up The Outside World (MTV “Live ‘N’ Loud”)*
12. Black Rain*

*Previously unreleased on CD

DVD – The Music Videos:

01. Flower
02. Hands All Over^
03. Loud Love^
04. Jesus Christ Pose (original version)
05. Outshined
06. Rusty Cage
07. My Wave^
08. Spoonman
09. The Day I Tried To Live (uncensored)^
10. Black Hole Sun^
11. Fell On Black Days^
12. Pretty Noose (uncensored)
13. Burden In My Hand
14. Blow Up The Outside World (uncensored)

Bonus Videos:

01. Spoonman (mash-up version)
02. The Day I Tried To Live (European version)
03. Superunknown^
04. Pretty Noose (international version)
05. Pretty Noose (alternate ending)
06. Blow Up The Outside World (censored)

All videos previously unreleased except ^

** Super Deluxe Version (2 CDs + Limited-Edition DVD + 3 heavy vinyl discs plus more in deluxe packaging)

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