Quicksand Reunion: Band Plays Surprise Show in Pomona (Videos)

by | Jun 11, 2012

Quicksand took the stage for the first time since disbanding in 1999 on Sunday at the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Shows in Pomona, California.

The highly rumored surprise set saw the band performing songs from 1993’s Slip and 1995’s Manic Compression. Video footage is below.

While Sunday’s performance at The Glass House appears to be a one-time reunion, it is rumored that the band may play a show in New York City later this year.

Since breaking up the members of Quicksand have stayed active with other projects. Notably, frontman Walter Schreifels plays in Rival Schools and longtime band Gorilla Biscuits, while bassist Sergio Vega performs in Deftones.

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