The Red Chord hit Billboard Top 200

by | Nov 5, 2009

The Red Chord have hit the Billboard Top 200 chart at #180 with the release of their new studio album, “Fed Through the Teeth Machine”. The band have also debuted at #34 on the Billboard Hard Music chart, and #6 on the Billboard Heatseeker chart.

Cancer Bats Interview: Liam Cormier is Dead Set on Living

“We need five minutes,” says Liam Cormier to the impatient valet, who’s trying to kick us out of the lot behind The Roxy. The cars are starting to roll in for tonight’s show with Kvelertak and Cancer Bats, and the dudes at the valet booth are...

Zechs Marquise Interview: Getting Paid & The Seeming Rise of Instrumental Bands

On a warm autumn day in Southern California over cold beer and YouTube videos, the members of Zechs Marquise talk of their recent boating experience. “It was a day off [during the RX Bandits farewell tour] and we all went to [Shasta Lake],” bassist Marfred...