Unreleased Postman Syndrome Album in the Works

by | Feb 25, 2010

An unreleased album of demos from The Postman Syndrome, titled “God Relieve Our Grief: A Mausoleum of Stillborn Demos”, is in the works of being released in spring. The members of the defunct band — now in a group called East Of The Wall — are calling on fans to pre-order the album in order to make the CD pressing possible. The band comments:

“We’re all broke because we’re in a band, and going on tour because we’re in a band, supporting our new record that’s actually a new record, Ressentiment, which comes out in July. We’re not the kind of band that makes money on tour…. well really we’re not the kind of band that makes money, period. In fact we lose money. We hemorrhage it.”

“In light of this blood loss we’re bringing it to the streets, like they did in UHF or Breakin’ II: Electric Boogaloo. More specifically, we’re taking preorders. If we can get 100 preorders our broke asses can afford to press the record. So preorder. Spread the word. Every order counts.”

East Of The Wall’s upcoming album, “Ressentiment”, is due for release in July through Translation Loss

Pre-orders for the The Postman Syndrome’s record can be purchased here.