Haste The Day Offer Update on New Album and DVD

Haste The Day are currently working on new material, and are planning to release a new album and DVD this year. Guitarist Dave Krysl recently checked in with the following update:

“Right now we are working hard on the new record.  We’ll be heading into the studio in a week and we couldn’t be more excited!  We are so proud of the new material – it’s easily the heaviest, catchiest, and most energetic music the band has ever written.  All I can say is this: do yourselves a favor and go buy a new stereo.  This record will literally destroy whatever stereo you use to play music now.  I’m talking ipods, car CD decks, Bose 7.1 digital dolby surround – whatever you have, it will be broken.  We already tried to record a song on Stephen’s computer and the song essentially unmanifested itself right before our eyes.  Enough said about that.  Get stoked. We certainly are!”

“This year is going to be awesome.  We’ll be heading to Europe in April for some awesome festivals and some awesome shows in the UK.  This summer is shaping up to be an awesome fun fest also.  We might be hitting the road in June and early july before rocking out true summer style on the Vans Warped Tour.  We are so pumped its hard to sleep at nights.”

“Also we have a DVD coming out with the new record which will be guaranteed fun for the whole family.  We’ve got footage from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Colombia, as well as all the US tours we’ve done in the last year.  Also it will feature a brand new music video to a song like nothing you’ve ever heard before.  I’ll give you a hint: think of the alphabet.  Confused? Don’t worry.  Just get excited.”

“Whelp, that’s about it for now.   Lots of stuff to look forward to – and we can’t wait to see all of you at the shows this spring/summer!”