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Watch 100 Onces Play a House Show (with lots of crowd surfing)

It’s no secret that we like to party. That’s why when 100 Onces (pronounced “once is”) needed a place to hold a fundraiser for their UK tour late last year, we offered our living room as a legitimate spot to host such festivities. Of course you know by now we’ve been doing Haus shows for some time, but this one was extra special — especially since we had one demand: that everyone crowd-surfed, at least once.

From the suburban neighborhood of La Crescenta, this DIY duo is one of LA’s hidden gems. Drummer Richard Ray and guitarist Barrett Tuttobene have managed to roll a mathy-punk rock super joint — and the high will make you scream “Oh Me Gee.”

The group released three albums on their own Mother Turf label (which also serves as a collective to numerous bands), and are currently working on new material. Next month they’ll head out on a string of dates to and from Austin, TX for SXSW and will cross the pond once again to Europe later this summer.

Here’s some footage we caught of the show that nearly gave our camera-dude a concussion. Surf’s up.

PS. This band owes us a new oscillating fan. Fucking guy, no offense.