Quicksand are Playing a Few Overseas Shows this Spring

Warped Tour is way different now than it was back in the day. Did you know that Quicksand headlined the first-ever Warped in 1995? When we interviewed frontman Walter Schreifels a few years ago, he told us how Sublime’s Bradley Nowell randomly threw a glass bottle at some kid’s head, which got the band kicked off the tour. Pretty insane.

And while Quicksand won’t be playing Warped again anytime soon, they do have a few shows lined up overseas this spring. The band will be playing at Grozerock on May 2nd in Meerhout, Belgium and in Germany on June 7th in Hamburg at Uebel & Geferlich and June 10th in Berlin at So36.

We’re not sure yet if Quicksand will be doing any US shows this year. The last we’ve heard of Schreifels, he did an acoustic tour with Jon Simmons of Balance and Composure this past December supporting Saves the Day. We’ll keep you posted though.