Stray From The Path Pull Out of Norma Jean European Tour, Dead and Divine Replaces

Stray From The Path have been forced to pull out of the upcoming European stint, Evil Tiger Vulture Tour, with Norma Jean and The Chariot. They have been replaced with Dead and Divine

The band commented, “Ok so a lot of you have heard already, but it is very very unfortunate, due to recent events we have to cancel our European tour with the chariot and Norma Jean. We haven’t had to cancel anything yet, but buying plane tickets and starting a tour in thousands of dollars in debt with all of the problems we have had this month, is just impossible. It sucks to make decisions based on finances, but it was just not feasable. We are in the works now with coming to Europe asap, and sorry to disappoint our fans there, but luckily we have been replaced by dead and divine, who rules.”